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How to Pack Fast and Effectively

When it comes time to pack and put your valuables away for the big moving day, it’s important that you have a plan in mind. The more organized you are when packing, the easier it will be to unpack your moving boxes and get settled in your new home. Here are some quick packing tips to make the most of your time and effort:

Choose one room to pack. Make sure you’re packing all items from that particular room into the same boxes. This is much better than packing in groups (such as linens), where the items included could go to different rooms around the house.

Pack fragile items separately. These are the only objects that shouldn’t be packed room by room but instead should have their own packaging. When packing delicate things, try to keep the boxes small, so there is no risk of the items shifting or bumping into each other.

Keep the boxes under 25lbs. Anything heavier will be too difficult to move, especially if you have stairs.

Don’t pack things you don’t really love. While you’re taking items out of drawers and closets, decide whether you really want to keep them or not. Make it a fast decision (2 seconds tops) and don’t rethink the decision once it’s done. Just toss the item aside and keep packing.

Send the kids away. As much as they may want to help, they’re unlikely to be able to pack effectively (i.e. make the most of the packing space inside a box). Instead, gather the help of a few friendly adults that know your house well and can help you speed up the process.

Use permanent markers to identify each moving box. Keep it general, such as Kitchen or Pillows. If a box contains more than one group of items, list them all on the side but use a very general word on the top.

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