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Mattress Boxes

(5) Boxes
- Fits king/queen size mattress with this adjustable box
- Size 81 x 11 x 40-80"
- Great for storage use also.

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Please see our other moving supplies or view our mattress covers

You pack your blankets, sheets and pillows into moving boxes so why not pack your mattress into one also.
Mattresses are not cheap and when moving they can get damaged very easily. With our mattress moving boxes you will keep your mattress safe from any damages as well as clean. 
 The great thing about using these packing boxes is that once your mattress are packed securely into the cardboard boxes you can stack stuff on top of it without damaging your mattress. With prices as low as $21 for a bundle of 5 all your beds will have a safe move. Please note that these cardboard boxes fit Queen/King size but you can also put smaller sizes in these larger boxes.  81 x 11 x 40-80"

Tip:  Wrapping these moving boxes with stretch wrap adds some extra security from moisture.

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