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Keep your dishes safe while packing and moving.
Here’s a "How To" for packing them up:

Packing China and Crystal

Packing & Moving supplies needed:

A. Adhesive packaging tape
B. Cardboard moving boxes small and medium size
C. Cardboard pieces
D. Bubble wrap and Styrofoam or plastic peanuts
E. blank packing paper (Newspaper)

General Packing boxes Tip: For moving boxes that have sections and compartments, be positive the cardboard box is strong and put a protective sheet of bubble wrap at the bottom. Use the wrap to protect individual glasses and cups as well.

Packing: Plates and bowls

- First put a protective layer of bubble wrap, peanuts or crumpled up paper, 3 inches thick, on the bottom of the cardboard boxes.
- Wrap 3 plates or bowls tightly together at a time, with at least a few sheets of paper or a layer of bubble wrap between each plate.
- Stack plates and bowls edge down until the entire bottom of your cardboard box is full and then put down 3 more inches of protective bubble wrap or paper and start another layer of dishes.
- Fill any empty space on top or crack in between plates in your cardboard moving box with crumpled up paper.
-Tape cardboard box closed and write "fragile" on the outside.

Packing: Glasses and cups

- Tape individual glasses and cups up in plastic bubble wrap.
- Place a 3 inch protective layer of plastic peanuts, bubble warp or paper on the bottom of your cardboard moving box.
Layer packing paper (newspaper) or peanuts on the bottom of the box for extra cushion. Place glasses in box upright as if it were on a counter.
- Separate layers and aisles of cups with protective strips of cardboard. Also put 3 inches of packing material between each layer of cups.
- Top box off with another layer of packing material and tape it shut. Write "Fragile" on the outside of box in black magic marker.

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Information on packing using moving supplies and cardboard boxes

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