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4 Ways to ‘Thief-Proof’ Your Home

After you finish unpacking your moving boxes into your new home you should consider was to protect your self from burglaries. Follow the below quick tips for a safe home:

  1. Make sure all doors that open to the outside have dead bolt locks. Anything else is too flimsy and can be broken or dislodged to gain access into a house. Install a latch on the inside so you can double-protect the doors when you’re home. Put locks on the windows as well. Metal bars might be needed for low windows that can be easily accessed or if you live in a less-than-desirable environment.
  2. Keep the lights on. Install motion-activated lights in the outside of your house so you’re not left in the dark. If you’re going to be away for a while, put your inside lights or even a radio on a timer so it looks like your house is occupied.
  3. Get a home alarm system. You can buy a cheap one at most home repair shops and some are simple enough that you can install them yourself. These alarms will do nothing but make noise, however. For added security, get an alarm system connected with a security company. This means that if the alarm goes off, the company will know and notify the police.
  4. Avoid obvious displays of wealth. If you buy a new computer or a plasma TV and then leave the empty box right outside your gate, you’re advertising your new electronics. The same is true if your TV or other expensive equipment is right against the front window, where everybody walking by can see it.

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