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Small Space, Small Budget

Small spaces present special challenges to decorators, as they often require non-standard furniture to fit into corners and crevices where “normal size” items would not. If you have a small room but little money to spend, though, there are still some things you can do to make the most of the space.

Buy furniture that serves more than one purpose. An ottoman can become a coffee table in a pinch and a bookcase can serve as a room separator if you live in a studio or need some privacy for your desk or work area.

Get rid of clutter. Nothing enhances space in a room like getting rid of things that don’t belong there. You don’t need to get rid of all your magazines, but throw away the ones you already read (or don’t plan on reading) and then arrange the rest on a nice basket in the corner. Or buy a TV stand with drawers and store your magazines inside.

Avoid making the room look too busy. Resist the urge of decorating the walls with a dozen small framed photographs and instead hang a single medium-size painting. Stick to just a few pillows for the sofa and choose flat ones that can be used on the floor as additional sitting if necessary. One large couch is better in a small room than three small chairs, as the second option would not only take more space, but also reduce the walking area considerably.

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