Packing Tips for Moving Boxes

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Tips on Using Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies

Q. how to best pack a 52" projection television set?
Submitted by: Mark
From: Delaware
Moving supplies to use: stretch wrap, bubble wrap, adhesive tape.
moving supplies packing tipsPacking T.V. with moving supplies

A. If you've got the original box the television came in, it will save you some packing time and a couple of bucks. Simply repackage the television as it was before you opened the box, using the foam forms that were included

But in today’s day and age, who has room to store bulky boxes. So your second option would be to purchase some Adhesive packaging Tape, bubble wrap, stretch wrap and a large cardboard box. Start buy wrapping the TV around the screen area with the stretch wrap. This will prevent the screen from scratches and dust. Second, begin wrapping the whole TV with the bubble wrap. I would recommend going around the screen area at least 3-4 times with the bubble wrap for best protection. This will cushion your television against any shifting or falling objects you may have that are placed next to it on the moving truck. After you finish with the bubble wrap, place enough adhesive tape to hold it firmly in place. I recommend getting a tape dispenser, it will help your packing job go smoother and save you from using your teeth to cut the tape.

Depending on the size of total dimensions of your T. V. you might have to use more then one cardboard box. For this method take a large box and fold it flat. Once flattened, cut one of the closed sides open with box cutter. Do the same with another cardboard box. Next, place the cardboard boxes around the television to create a custom fit box. Fold over the extra cardboard and tape it to the box or cut it off. After that, use packing tape to hold it in place.

- Ann Waxman
Direct Moving Boxes
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