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Info on Moving Boxes, Supplies and Packing Tips

Q. I am moving and taking my dog with me in the rental, any advice for the drive with my pet?
Submitted by: Albert
From: New York City
moving with your dog
Traveling with dog

A. Moving to a new location, traveling, meeting different people and pet can be stressful and scary for your dog.  You can do some things to make their journey more comfortable and safe.  First, visit your local pet store or an online dog store and view all the items they sell to make traveling in an automobile more comfortable and safe. Some items I noticed are a car booster seat, padded harness, window sunshade to keep pet cool, dog lease seat belt, traveling bags and more.

Be Creative with your boxes:
You can also create your own dog or pet comfort holder.  If your dog is small enough and you have left over moving boxes you can use a large one to keep you pet in during travel.  You should always keep the cardboard box open and even cut some openings on the side of the box for extra airflow.  Place an old sweatshirt or towel inside the cardboard box to cushion the ride. 

Things NOT to do:
1) Do not leave toys such as squeaky ball in the box or vehicle, because your dog will want to play and this may distract you from your driving. 
2) Do not leave your dog in your vehicle alone with all the windows up, it’s against the law.   If it is hot outside your vehicle will heat up very fast. I have heard cases of people getting arrested for leaving their pets in their car and even pets dying.  There are circumstances that you will need to, such as bathroom break, but remember to keep tab on the amount of time you left you pet alone and remember leave windows (front and back) open.

As important as rest stops are for you, so are they for your dog. You should make frequent stops for resting and feeding your pet during your move. Try feeding once daily or a couple of small meals during rest stops and plenty of water. As for the drive, lots of animals get car sick, not feeding your dog for about 10 hours before you hit the road is a good idea.  I recommend contacting your veterinarian about anti-sickness pills and other helpful things that you can do to ensure your pet a safe trip.

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- Ann Waxman
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