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Using moving supplies for packing boxes

Moving supplies for packing dishes into cardboard boxesPacking boxes using proper moving supplies to protect your dishes and breakables.

Packing Question:
Q. I would like to order moving boxes that are sturdy enough to protect my dishes and other breakables, but not too large that I cannot move the boxes. I have several large china boxes, but they are too heavy when packed. What boxes and moving supplies do you suggest?
Submitted by: Teresa R.
From: Virginia

Packing A
A. My suggestion to you would be to stick with only our small boxes, sized: 15x12x9. 

I myself have moved quite a few times and therefore gained experience in what is the most practical ways to pack dishes.  When it comes to your dishes you are best off packing it only in small boxes to keep the boxes at a carryable weight.  The following is the most practical way, from my experience, to pack your dishes:

Do NOT wrap any of your dishes, not even the silverware, in any type of newspaper whatsoever!  It is the most annoying and time consuming task after the move to have to get all the ink from the newspaper off of your dishes, if your even lucky enough that it all comes off. 

Your best option is to either use plain white moving paper with bubblewrap as a layer over it and/or your kitchen towels to cover the item once you have wrapped it in bubble wrap.  To tell you the truth, the best protection I had for my dishes was when I wrapped it in one or two layers of white moving paper (depending on the delicateness of the item) then wrapped it in a layer of bubble wrap and then wrapped a kitchen towel around it.  I loved the kitchen towel idea because they are small and once you have wrapped two or three dishes in moving paper and bubble wrap you can wrap the kitchen towel around the two to three dishes and it protects them very well.  Also, kitchen towls are great because they are cheap and you can always pick up a few for a dollar in a bargain store if you need more and just use them as supplies for the move.  Between sticking to the small boxes and wrapping you dishes carefully as I have instructed you can insure that you will complete your move without even one broken dish at the end of it!  :) 

Note: Direct Moving sells medium size bubble wrap thats 12" wide & 100 feet for only $20. The bubble wrap is perforated, so you will not need a scissor to separate pieces.
Small moving boxes are just $35 for a bundle of 25 boxes.
Packing paper (inkless) is just $33 for 25lbs of 24"x36" paper.
*All orders of moving supplies and packing boxes receive free fast shipping.
Buy your moving boxes now!

Happy Packing,

- Direct Moving Boxes
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Helping your family save money with cheap moving boxes and supplies for packing any item in your home. Our moving supplies are tough and professional quality so you can rest knowing that your moving boxes will protect your personals from point A to point B of your movie. we care about your and your things.


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