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Tips on Using Bubble Wrap for Packing Boxes

- Moving Supplies - wholesale bubble wrapPacking item in Bubble wrap
Q. When using bubble wrap which way do the bubbles face, against the object or away?
South Carolina

A. When it comes down to protecting fragile while moving, you want to be sure and pack everything properly.  Bubble wrap, when used correctly, works great for protecting your possessions.  Of course the question is then, which way should the bubble wrap face when packing your belongings?  In order to give a clear answer a more thorough explanation is required.

Bubble wrap 101 – Understanding it through an example.

Sheets of bubble wrap are made up of many bubbles that range in size from very small to large. The bubble wrap sheets have two sides.  Once side is flat and the other side has all the bubbles on it. These bubble wrap bubbles act like tiny fingers of air and when wrapping your items with bubble wrap, you want as many of these fingers of air facing your items as possible.  Each air bubble acts in itself as an independent cushion and therefore provides the kind of extra cushioning that you need to properly protect your belongings when moving.
Example: Let’s say you want to bubble wrap your $300 digital camera.  By bubble wrapping it with the bubbles facing the camera, each and every bubble will act as an individual pillow of air.  Providing maximum cushion for your item.  If one of the bubbles pop, the bubble right next to it will continue to support your item. Using the bubble wrap around your item with the bubbles facing away will still offer your belongings protection, but not as well as if the bubbles were facing the item.

Packing Notes:
1) It is recommended to surround your items multiple times with bubble wrap.
2) Bubble wrap sold on DirectMovingBoxes.com is:  12" Wide x 100 Feet long and perforated for easy separation with strong medium-sized bubble's.
3) When packing items, try and use the original box and packing material that it came in.

Happy Packing,

- Direct Moving Boxes
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