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Packing books into moving boxes

Q. We have lots of books, average size, mainly hardbacks but some paperback and some large.  Which size moving boxes are best for packing books? 
Submitted by: Carol N.
From: Oklahoma
A. Despite the fact that you have mostly hardback books, which tend to be larger books, I would suggest that you only use the small or medium packing boxes.  Of the smaller household items that people pack up when moving, books are one of the heaviest, often even heavier than the dishes.  Therefore, while you will only be able to pack a smaller amount of books in the sized packing box the advantage is that the box will hold it well which will keep your books from being damaged during the move.  small moving BoxesPacking books into moving boxes
It is important to remember when packing your books for a move to be sure and keep the boxes packed under 40 pounds.  You can use a standard household scale to weigh the box as you are packing the books in.  Be sure that during this process you are packing all the empty spaces in the box with small paperbacks.  It would be a good idea to also label the outside of the box “books” once you have taped it shut.  Also, if you have lots of books, while packing them is a great time to sort out which ones of them you really want and which you can give away or sell off.  This is an important thing to do because if you are hiring a moving company, the extra weight in the truck will just make the move cost you more and if you are doing the move yourself you will save yourself from less strain on your back and less to carry.  Packing Books into moving boxesPlease visit our "How To" section for more details on packing books in moving boxes.  
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Generally speaking, no matter how strong a box is, it is still only a box and there is only so much it can handle so it is smarter to stick to the medium packing box size to avoid catastrophes during the move.    
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Happy Packing,

- Direct Moving Boxes
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