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Packing up Empty Cardboard Boxes

Instructions: Using Rope to tie up Cardboard Boxes

: Begin by organizing all the flattened cardboard moving boxes in bundles that are similar in shape and size. This will make it easier for you to keep hold of the cardboard boxes when packing them up with tape or rope.

Emplty cardboard boxes cardboard boxes
Rope packing cardboard boxes

I like using rope the best for tying up empty cardboard boxes because the rope acts as a handle, making it much easier to carry. Also, when you want to reuse your cardboard boxes you just cut the rope and unfold the boxes. Unlike packing tape were the tape glue gets stuck all over your cardboard boxes.

To begin, group about 7-10 cardboard boxes together (depending on the sizes you can do more or less) and go around with the rope once horizontally and tie a knot when you get to the other end of the box. Next, continue going around horizontally about 2-3 more times. Then loop the packing rope under were you tied the initial knot. Start going around the boxes vertically with the rope about 2-3 times. Make sure the rope is snug around the cardboard boxes and tie the knot over the original knot that you made at the beginning of the box. After that, continue with your next set of flattened cardboard moving boxes.

The great thing about cardboard boxes is, that they are easily placed in storage or garage because they fold flat and don't take up a lot of space. So whether you are going to recycle or keep cardboard boxes, packing them up neatly will save you time and space in the long run.

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